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How The AU Process Works adds your name as an Authorized User (AU) on one of our high limit, low balance credit cards that also have a long and perfect payment history. An AU is someone who cannot use the account, cannot make any changes to it, nor do they have the responsibility to repay any balances that might be owed. The original intent of the AU position was to give Primary Cardholders the ability to add their children, spouses, friends or employees to their accounts so they could have access to the available credit line. A coincidental benefit occurs during this process whereby the account history for that credit card appears on the AU’s (your) credit report, and it looks like that credit card’s history has been there since the account was first opened. This "coincidental benefit" gives you an immediate FICO® credit score boost.

While you do not receive the physical card or ability to use the credit line, you will receive the amazing benefit of having that particular credit card “copied and pasted” on to your credit report. This extreme increase in the limit to balance (utilization) ratio and overall average age of the revolving accounts on your credit report gives you the biggest possible FICO® score boost in less than 60 days; and it's guaranteed!

Make Money With Your Good Credit! pays Card Holders just like you a fee for adding our clients as Authorized Users (AU) to their credit cards. The AU never has any access to spend money on your account - they don't know who you are - and they are paying strictly for the benefit of seeing your credit card's payment history appear in their credit report.

You see, when you add someone to your card as an Authorized User (AU), the credit card company essentially copies and pastes the history for your credit card into their credit report, and it looks like your card has been in their credit report since you first opened the account. The effect is an immediate boost to the AU's credit score.

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